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permissions from other players

Tony DiNozzo ♥LOVES♥ movies. He watches them; he quotes them; he frequently makes reference to them.

(Mod Approved)

By the rules of Scorched, DiNozzo cannot and will not identify your character as fictional. He won't know them by name until they give their name. He won't know them as coming from a movie or a book or whatever their source material is. No existential crises, please!

BUT he might be able to recognize their face: that is, he might recognize their actor.


Permission is, by default, considered to be not granted (with the expectation that if I want to do it, I'll ask you directly first).
If you would like to just give me carte-blanche now to identify your character's actor sometime in the future, comment below. (This doesn't mean he will definitely id the actor, it just gives me the option)

If I get the hankering to identify your character's actor in a thread--and I don't have prior consent to do so--I'll ask you then if I may.

And if you'd never even like me to ask for permission--if the answer is always "no"--you can also comment that now, too.

Allen Francis Doyle [personal profile] dublinbrogue Koko YES
Severus Snape [personal profile] brewglory Kristi YES
No vague Sheriff references (see note)
Angel [personal profile] capt_forehead Devi YES
(See note about wife)


For the most part, Tony's knowledge is limited to:
(A) classic films
(B) popular franchises, especially of the action and adventure varieties
(C) modern classics
(D) some foreign films (of the mainstream/popular/well-known-in-America variety)

Anything that made one of American Film Institute's lists is a likely candidate.

NCIS canon hasn't had him reference anything too off-the-beaten path, so I won't either. Most of the films he quotes from are from those well-ingrained into the hearts and minds of the American viewing public. I am, of course, also limited by my own knowledge of film.

The goal here is to give him another fun way to interact and break the ice with your character, so I only want it if you're going to have fun with it too. ♥

...Anyway, thanks for reading! A "what you have permission to do to DiNozzo" post will be coming eventually.
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<tr><td bgcolor="#fff">Allen Francis Doyle</td>
<td bgcolor="#fff">[personal profile] dublinbrogue</td>
<td bgcolor="#fff">Koko</td>
<td bgcolor="#fff">Yes, I'm totally down with this. Doyle's actors name is Glenn Quinn. He's mostly known outside of Doyle for his role as Mark Healy in Roseanne. (There's even a panel in his one shot comic where some random dude calls him Mark.) Have as much fun as you want with it.</td>
<td bgcolor="#fff">---</td></tr>
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I figured I'd let you know I just rolled out bed or I likely would have realized what it was.

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Villains, according to him.
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Cop friend. :3
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He's a chameleon! /whips out the sexiest icon
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