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Out of Character Information

player name: Penbee
player journal: [personal profile] penbeetreewood
playing here: n/a
where did you find us? I know part of your DA:2 cast.
are you 16 years of age or older?: 27yrs old

In Character Information

character name: (Senior Field Agent/Special Agent) Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Timeline: Just after Hearafter, Season 10. Tony and Ziva babysat (provided protection duty for NCIS Director Vance's children).
character's age: Early 40s (his birth year is suggested to be 1971)

powers, skills, pets and equipment:
Canon Abilities: Basics in hand-to-hand combat and disarming an attacker. Skilled with a gun (according to the Internet Movie Firearms DataBase, NCIS field agents generally are shown carrying a SIG-Sauer P228 pistol, though each of our mains do carry others at times and with his background in police work, DiNozzo can probably use many kinds). Although he began his time at NCIS with limited knowledge and interest in technology, he's since done some minor hacking. But I suspect he's likely heavily reliant on hacking programs written by McGee and doesn't know all that much beyond that.

Fluent in Spanish and possibly Italian. Shown to be learning Hebrew.

Out of his box, fresh in Scorched, DiNozzo comes with his standard work attire--a long sleeve button-up men's dress shirt, suitable for work, and a pair of slacks, his black NCIS jacket and baseball cap, and appropriate footwear. Additionally, he has his usual sidearm (loaded, plus at least one additional cartridge) and his NCIS badge. He probably has some sunglasses on him and a cellphone as well.

Scorched Abilities: None beyond simply being able to survive the Mist.

canon history:
NCIS wikia

Tony DiNozzo will come off at first as the annoying 40-year-old who still thinks like a 13-year-old (ok, sometimes he's more of a frat boy, but you get the idea). He's full of one-liners, flirtatious and somewhat charming, but also annoying. It's the mask of a clown. Beyond that sly (sometimes smoldering, sometimes dopey) smile, some movie references and nicknames, Tony has a profound sense of honor and duty--both to his country and, most importantly, to his teammates/coworkers.

Teammates? Who are we kidding? They're more like his family. He would protect them with his life. He would kill for them.

In the meantime, though, he'll probably annoy them to death.

Maybe it's his police background, maybe he's a little bit of a perv, maybe it's just the way he says he cares, but DiNozzo has a tendency to be overly nosy with his friends and coworkers. If he gets wind of someone having special weekend plans, he won't rest until he knows what they are (even if it turns out it's just yoga with their landlady). And if he goes too far and has to apologize for being too nosy with a coworker? No worries, he'll buy her flowers--but first, he'll snoop through her phone for the number of her favorite florist.

Nothing says 'I care' like invasion of privacy.

He does it all so casually, too, like he knows you'll forgive him, like he's the cute puppy who destroyed your new shoes.

But although Tony is wont to slouch at doing things (if anything is to be caught making personal phone-calls during work hours, or folding paper footballs to finger-kick over at the Probie, it'd be DiNozzo), he's very good at his job and he takes pride in that (though he also likes to pull rank and remind the others of his higher position...). He enjoys being Gibbs' right-hand man (he turned down a position as a leader of his own team to stay with Gibbs' squad) and wants Gibbs' approval. If it looks like Gibbs has a new favorite, Tony will up his game and try to win back his boss's favor, and if Tony gets out of hand, Gibbs will smack him upside the back of his head (it's almost fatherly). Tony's proven himself to be good in interrogation, excellent in the field, and a semi-decent stand-in for his boss when it's necessary. His street-smarts and police training help him to process situations differently from his teammates, which often comes in handy, especially on covert or undercover missions.

And yet, for every good thing that could be said about Tony's skills, he's really kind of a jackass. McGee may spend hours looking up information, but when Gibbs comes into the room, Tony would be happy to take the credit for his colleague’s work: "Boss, I got those names you wanted--" Unfortunately for Tony, Gibbs sees right through those antics. Most of Tony's antics tend to get him in trouble or told to knock it off, but he keeps right on doing them.

They'd all kind of miss it if he stopped anyway.

When not being shot at, NCIS agents do a lot of standing around making chit-chat. While their Medical Examiner may have endless and seemingly random stories, one of Tony's favorite topics of conversation (both because it interests him and because he usually knows more about it than the others in the room), is movies. Action and the classics seem to be of particular interest to him. He quotes movies frequently (sometimes doing the accent), compares real life situations to events in film, and talks about what movies he's watched recently.

Tony does a lot of talking. It's something he's frequently told by Gibbs to stop doing.

Perhaps equal with Tony's love of discussing movies is his love of discussing women. There was a time when Tony would flirt with just about anything in a skirt (or at the very least talks about them afterward). Usually he still does, though lately he's mellowed out a tiny bit there. Rarely does he have long-term romances and it's known that he has commitment issues. It's (heavily?) suggested that he may be interested in Ziva romantically, but any certainty on that has yet to be seen. Sometimes both seem to be jealous of the others relationships. What is clear (due to Kate's death and Ziva's own capture) is that he is very fiercely protective of her, as he is of all his teammates. He's willing to track her down just to be a supportive shoulder to cry on.

His relationships with his teammates tends to be brotherly and semi-flirtatious, and somewhat competitive. With the girls it's kind of a pull-your-hair-because-I-like-you friendship. And with McGee...well, I'm sure he would pull Probie's hair too, if his was long enough. McGee is kind of like the kid-brother DiNozzo hasn't ever had and is frequently the brunt of Tony's jokes. Still, he's come to respect and care for McGee and makes efforts to cheer up or help his teammate. He's even started to call him by name--Tim--instead of nicknames more lately.

Though McProbie will always be his favorite to tease.

Overall, Tony DiNozzo's a caring, compassionate kid-at-heart who probably wishes he was in one of his favorite movies (James Bond, maybe, with the women and the cars and the action) sometimes. He's loyal and determined, eager to learn from his respected superior, and ready with a wisecrack when no one wants to hear it.

Except maybe they do.

why do you feel this character would be appropriate to the setting?
As an NCIS agent and former police officer, Tony's more than capable of defending himself. He's already got Ziva in-game, so he'll have an ally at his back (and Ziva and Tony are sent to do the gun-toting work more than McGee, and often do so together, so they're familiar with working this way). In his role at NCIS, he works often in teams, and his playful attitude offsets the grim reality of their cases. He can fight, maybe not the same way as Ziva, but he's able to take care of himself and protect others. Tony's ability and his sense of honor and duty will make him an asset...if those around him can endure his quips.

Writing Samples

Network Post Sample:

Hey! [There's a chuckle in DiNozzo's voice as he speaks, but the chuckle is edging on nervousness and forced bravado. Laughing at an awkward or bad situation seems like the thing to do. There's also a shifting of clothing--the sound of a jacket moving aside and a gun being drawn again. The safety clicks off. Some footsteps as he moves towards the window again, drawing back the shades slight, cautiously. DiNozzo's pretty sure he's seen this kind of movie and he's not going to be the first one the bad guys kill.] This is real funny, but kidnapping is kind of frowned upon where I'm from, and don't think my Boss is going to like a terrorist cell stealing one of his best men.

[Best men. Well, true as it is, he knows that if McGee or Ziva gets a hold of this, they'll tease him for that one. Never mind the boss. But that's kind of beside the point. Just...get someone at the other end of this device talking. Whoever they are. Before attempting the device (it could have been a bomb trigger, for all he knew), Tony already moved through the apartment and made sure the area was clear. He's checked for bugs and cameras and found nothing, but without a device to sweep for that, it's hard to be sure. And the area outside the windows most definitely did not look familiar. Kind of European, but it was hard to pinpoint just where. And his cellphone didn't work, but that was to be expected.]

[There's a faintly mumbled something about not being in Kansas anymore, but it's barely intelligible. Tony really has to wonder if he's fallen asleep on Director Vance's couch and just dreaming all this. His tone is growing terse, fake playful.]

A hint on where I am would be nice, at least. Throw a guy a bone, would you.

Third Person Sample:
He woke up in a room. On a bed. Staring at the ceiling.

No fuzzy handcuffs, he noted, only slightly amused. Well, that's disappointing.

It wasn't the first time Tony DiNozzo couldn't account for the previous night, but it was one of the few times he was utterly perplexed about how he got here and where exactly here was. After all, he hadn't been drinking. Unless the Pepsi they ordered with the pizza was spiked, which he doubted. Alright, DiNozzo. Focus, he prompted himself. Focus...

Maybe it had something to do with the terrorists that killed Ziva's father and Director Vance's wife.

Tony foggily remembered a doorway. Not Vance's doorway, not Ziva's, certainly not his own. It was a door...not helpful... His mind fumbled to put the pieces together. A door...and it kept changing. Like that door in that Miyazaki film or a Stargate--which was also not helpful. Had he been drugged and captured? Focus! he demanded of himself with a slap to the side of the head, hoping it would dislodge some Gibbsian gut intuition or something. It just made his head hurt. Think about it... DiNozzo guessed the doorway could have been the groggy memory of scenery changing outside a van window--yeah, that made more sense--but what self-respecting kidnapper doesn't blindfold their victim?

Was it even a kidnapping?

He rolled off the bed carefully, taking inventory of everything on his person and mentally kicking himself for not doing that first. His cellphone had no reception. Unsurprising. Uniform, badge, and most importantly (and surprisingly) his gun were still there. DiNozzo pulled out a cartridge. Loaded. And he even had a spare. How...thoughtful?

This was really...weird. Okay, now he was stumped.

Sliding the safety off on his sidearm, he got up and explored the room, keeping an eye on the door as often as possible. There was a phone-looking-thing on the bed next to where he had been laying and a satchel of what looked like money. Turning it over, though, DiNozzo couldn't figure out just what known country this money belonged to.

He checked the drawers of the bedside tables and under the bed and mattresses, moving around the room carefully. Once he felt he had swept the room and found no immediate dangers, he peeked outside the curtains.

"Huh." It was about as clever a thought as he could manage. Outside was a city, European by the looks of it, but nothing Tony could readily pinpoint. It was sort of...hodgepodge.

His gaze wandered back to the phone-thing sitting on the bed. If it was even a phone. He kind of expected it to ring any minute--that's what they did in the movies--but when it didn't, he crossed back across the room and took matters into his own hands. Maybe he could leave someone a voicemail.

Anything else?
Tony may need to be slapped upside the head sometimes. He's used to it. Feel free to do so when he's being especially stupid or at your whim. It makes him feel special and at home. ...Really.